We Are ECO-Friendly Company





We Choose the FINCHHOST name to describe our philosophy as a company and we want to encourage our customers and Our visitors to Help With The Environment,

What We Do as Company,

Choosing an ECO-Friendly Data Center, With GESAB The Outside Air Cooling technology, That cutting cooling costs by nearly 70% and reducing carbon output See How It Work.

Environment Awareness we Help By Spreading The Word and Our interest in Environment, So We Partner With trees forth future to Plant 1000 Tree.

You Can Help Too,

By Planting a Tree, Do it yourself this will Be Great Or You Can Donate to "trees forth future" organization, they Plant 500 Trees For $50 Which Is Just amazing this will reduce the carbon footprint.

Zero Paper Work, FINCHHOST Do not Uses Any Paper In The Office's, Most Of Our Work Is Digitalized, Few Paper Use For The Government Usage.



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