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All The Features You Expect In Email Hosting

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  • Custom Domain Name.

  • 50GB of storage / Unlimited email accounts.

  • 5GB Attachments.

  • Commtouch Anti-spam and Virus Firewall.

  • Enterprise-level Redundant Storage.

  • Full International Support.

  • Robust Calendaring and Scheduling.

Bring Your Business More Professional

With Email That Matches Your Domain


Supports all email clients

Send and receive through any client that supports POP,
IMAP or our modern and fast webmail client with collaborating and calendar features

100% Email Deliverability

Our notifies you immediately of fraudulent or compromised mailboxes sending spam.
No more blacklist support tickets

Language Translation

Communicating with people across the globe just got easier
with a tool that helps translate your messages

Best prices available

With a platform that processes 50,000 emails every day,
We can offer you pricing that is less than other offers

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